What To Expect in 2023

What To Expect in 2023

See ya 2022. Here we are again at the start of a new year. Everyone you know is on a health kick; see where they are at by Easter :)  To be fair there is a good reason to start considering food; in 2022 we saw the start of some significant holes in the supermarkets. This was something we have been used to seeing since the pandemic began but I don't think anyone was ready to give up the humble potato chip. There is now a huge shortage on potato chips, wedges, hash browns and anything potato really as cafes and restaurants purchase whatever may be available at the time to replace chips. This is not ending anytime soon………….

SBS states that the flooding in Australia where we source 70% of our potatoes from and drought in Europe has made yields extremely low and could last up to 12 months. 

Lucky for 2023 that clean eating, low carb, keto and East Asian food are some of the trends. Hence no-one needs a spud anyway! 

Japanophilia as quoted in Seasoned Traveller is in overdrive along with Korean fermented foods and Offal. 

Holistic views of eating, food sourcing and production has moved up the list of important decisions (Climatarians) when choosing produce and providers of produce - we are really happy about that! Starting out in 2008 we have been on that band wagon for a while. 

So if your into Asian style eating your in luck; you can also expect to see some more Sicilian dishes about thanks to White Lotus; and Spanish style eating & food; as always; is still a big favourite. 

Enjoy your food and make good choices in 2023.

Our menu is incorporating Poke bowls to our already existing healthy, freshly produced options. We also have a plant based page filled with delicious fresh healthy foods.