" I can't have........................."

" I can't have........................."

In the last 5 years you may have noted the spike in dietary preferences in your friends or within yourself. Mainstream supermarkets are stocking considerable amounts of dietary options that have not been seen before. Smaller grocers and specialty shops have stocked these items for many years but the increase over the last 5-10 years has been significant.

According to Healthline 2022; Food allergies or sensitivities, religious practices, and ideological beliefs are some of the main reasons people rely on specific diets or follow dietary restrictions. While some restrictions are meant to prevent life threatening events, others speak to personal and moral beliefs.

Vegetarianism and veganism have increased worldwide and here at home this is what it looks like

Australia is home to as many as 2.5 million vegans and vegetarians

  • 6% of the population is vegan
  • In the last decade, those following plant-based diets have increased by about 50%
  • The east of Australia has the most number of vegans
  • 55% of Australians who stopped eating meat did so in the last 5 years
  • Australia has the third highest percentage of vegans per capita globally
  • Woolworth has experienced a 50% increase in demand for plant-based food.                                                Source: https://trulyexperiences.com/blog/veganism-statistics-australia/

To compare - 10 years ago there were 1.7 million vegetarians and vegans in Australia. 

So in a nutshell here they are - most common dietary requests 

  • Gluten & wheat free - gluten & wheat sensitive 
  • Coeliac - gluten and wheat ALLERGY creates inflammation of the intestines 
  • Pescatarian - no meat but like a little fish 
  • Vegetarian - no meat products but will eat eggs and dairy but they have some variations 
  • Lacto-vegetarians: exclude meat, poultry, and fish but include milk and milk products
  • Ovo-vegetarians: exclude meat, poultry, and fish but includes eggs
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians: exclude meat, poultry, and fish but includes milk, milk products, and eggs
  • Pescatarians: exclude meat and poultry but includes fish, milk, milk products, and eggs
  • Semi-vegetarians or flexitarians: mostly vegetarians that occasionally consume meat, meat products, poultry, and fish
  • Vegan - plant based - any foods created from animal products not to be consumed 
  • Keto - Limited carbs high in good fats 
  • Paleo - Avoid processed foods, sugar and grains - enjoy meat, veggies, nuts, good fats 
  • Dairy Free - as it says avoid dairy in the form of milk, cheese, yoghurt etc can eat eggs 
  • Lactose intolerant - usually found in dairy 

And we can keep going however you get the gist of it - there are loads - it can be a minefield. When creating fresh food it is quite easy to negotiate however creativity is really important. As you can imagine the poor old dietary peeps get really sick of being sent a salad for every option! 

I guess my favourite is the “flexitarian” these are folks who mostly eat vegetarian but occasionally have meat, fish or poultry. So they just are folks who like the best of both worlds. That is me; for sure! 

To wrap it is more common to see this playing out - more specialised restaurants to cater for the dietary options; more menu options like ours with plant based options that suit the current climate. We specialise in catering to all dietary requirements and can support any queries you may have. 

Sources: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/diets

Source: https://trulyexperiences.com/blog/veganism-statistics-australia/