About Us

About Us

Holistic Hospitality was created in 2008 to provide clients with alternatives to highly processed catering options.

Fresh, local and organic produce can be put to good use in catering to provide amazing flavours and are a much healthier option. We choose not to provide highly processed, deep fried or cage foods. This is a personal choice and we offer this to our clients believing that most people are looking to improve lifestyle and taste the food they eat!

We pride ourselves on offering delicious and healthy snacks for corporate events, private parties and people wanting nice meals at home

We're a small team of committed caterers and we love to make sure every order is tailored to our customers needs.

Our specialities are custom orders for small events, picnic hampers, breakfasts, lunches, AM & PM teas, finger food and home delivered meals. We regularly provide for people with specific dietary requirements including GF, vegan, or vegetarian. Just let us know when you order what you need and we'll make sure our catering is tailored for you. 


Community and Environment

We work with and support many Local and National organisations to help them continue the good work they do in the community and for the environment.

We offer discounts to NFP groups in community and environment. We do work for Greenpeace, WWF, QLD Conservation Council, The Sunrise Project, Environmental Defenders Office of QLD and others that work in this space.

Please call us if you work in this sector and require any catering services.

Our Ethos

Here at Holistic Hospitality, we want to care for our environment and are very proud of the way we chose to do business.

We believe that business should be run with minimal impact on our environment which we achieve by implementing the following practices:

  • Use bio-degradable packaging for our service platters to ensure they break down in the environment and not contribute to landfill
  • Source local, home-grown and, where possible, organic ingredients to support local farmers and businesses
  • Offset our carbon emissions from deliveries through tree planting projects and community catchment donations
  • Prepare food to order to reduce equipment usage and storage requirements
  • Grow our own herbs and various vegetables
  • Engage with contractors who have the same beliefs as Holistic Hospitality
  • Limit use of paper to products that are recycled or sourced from sustainable forestries
  • Ensure food scrapping are composted back into our gardens
  • Supply discount catering for NFP in environment and community

These practices allows us to give back to mother earth and the community that we work within.

Our picnic hampers come with biodegradable plates, cutlery and napkins.

Our catering options allow companies who have chosen to make an environmental commitment, chose the level of 'green' you would like with low carbon options and voluntary carbon contribution options available.

If you work for a not-for-profit that needs catering services, please contact us as we will provide you with our discounted rates.