We offer catering services in your home, to your office, at a function centre, or the local park – wherever you want to have your event we can cater for you.

We pride ourselves on personalised service and offer our clients tailored menus, themed events all working within your budget.

About Our Menu

PLEASE NOTE IN THE INTEREST OF COVID19 - We are taking extra precautions with hygiene and health. We can alter your order to be single serve. We can deliver to your home from our home cooked meal selection. For further detail please contact the team on 0402 580 681.




We endeavour to use local produce where possible and can provide organic options for all our foods. We hand make food specifically to order for you or your clients to provide the freshest and highest quality product we have available. We wholly support local farmers, organic farmers and fair trade food; we use markets to purchase our goods direct from the farm when we can. Organic products are more expensive and do attract higher pricing. Please do not hesitate to ask for organic produce as we have suppliers we use regularly to get fresh organic produce.

Not For Profit Organisations

  • We offer discounts to NFPs in the environmental and community sectors.

Other Notes

  • All canapés noodle boxes are priced for 2 hour duration - minimum limits apply
  • Front of House staff, bar staff and kitchen staff available for functions if required are available - 3 hours minimum
  • For onsite catering transport costs occur as well as any other hire equipment, fees or theming for the event are payable by the client.
  • All menus are a guide only and we can design any sort of food or pricing structure for you. You can select any item from any menu and put into your own package and we can price for you! Please don’t hesitate to call us with your enquiry and we will take care of your every need.
  • We can cater to any dietary requirements you have just let us know what you need and we will ensure you have tasty alternatives.
  • All pricing is EX GST

Breakfast Packages

Minimum orders of 10 pax unless stated otherwise

Catering Breakfast

Executive Breakfast $16.50

Bircher muesli cups, & smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, champagne ham, cheese and spinach croissants, fresh fruit platter, orange juice

Continental Breakfast $12.50

Fresh croissants with ham cheese, mini fruit Danish, fruit platter, orange juice

Holistic Breakfast $12.50

Fresh fruit skewers, zucchini & corn fritters w tomato relish, cranberry juice, mini bircher muesli pots

Brekkie Wraps 1pp $11.50

Mix of bacon, egg & spinach, Mushroom, tomato, egg, spinach & pesto, smoked salmon, cream cheese & rocket

Buffet Breakfast $18.50pp – Mininum 15 pax (Onsite Option)

(note: price does not include hire or staff)

Mix of continental and hot buffet options served onsite, we provide staff and equipment for your breakfast

Individual Breakfast Items

  • Croissants w ham and cheese OR w spinach, tomato & cheese - $3.50
  • Zucchini and corn fritters w bush tomato relish - $3.00 (2 per person)
  • Bircher muesli pots - $4.50
  • Selection of freshly baked danishes - $3.00
  • Fresh seasonal fruit platter - $4.80
  • Selection of roasted vegetables, gourmet relish w breads - $4.50
  • Pikelets w fresh cream and berry jam OR maple syrup - $3.00
  • Smoked salmon bagels w rocket, onion & cream cheese - $6.50
  • Bacon & egg sliders - $4.50
  • Bacon & egg rolls - $6.50
  • Muffins - $4.00
  • Vegetarian frittata w relish - served cold - $2.50
  • Fruit flavoured yoghurt OR fruit salad cups - $4.50
  • Banana bread - $3.00
  • Bircher muesli cups - $4.50
  • Wilted spinach, mushroom, cheese and egg wrap - $6.90
  • Bacon, egg, spinach wrap - $7.90
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion, rocket wrap - $7.90

Morning or Afternoon Tea Platter $8.90

3 selections below in each platter per person

Ever changing mix sweet and savoury items which may include the following – Danish pastries, house baked muffins, filled croissants, mini tartlets, smoked leg ham and smoked salmon bagels, yoghurt pots, bircher muesli pots, frittata bites, savoury muffins, sushi, cookies, brownies, falafel balls, banana bread, corn chips & salsa, crudites w dips, spinach and feta filos, mini homemade pies , gourmet bread with 3 dips.     3 selections in each platter

Savoury Morning Tea Platter $8.90

3 selections below in each platter per person

Savoury selection – items may include savoury muffins, filled croissants, frittata bites, filled bagels, mini tartlets, home made sausage rolls, mini quiches, vegetable fritters w relish, sushi, chargrilled veg and crusty loaf, cured meats and relish platter, meze selection, falafel balls, corn chips & salsa, crudites w dips, spinach and feta filos, mini homemade pies , gourmet bread with 3 dips 3 selections in each platter - 3 selections in each platter

Sweet Morning Tea Platter $8.90

3 selections below in each platter per person

Sweet Selection – Danish pastries, cakes and slices, mini tartlets, lamingtons, brownies, muffins, banana bread, cookies, mini cheesecakes, custard tarts, meringue nests w berries, scones w jam and cream, mini pikelets

VIP Indulgent Morning Tea $10.90

Items include – Chocolate eclairs, Paris brest, Strawberry Choux, local seasonal fresh fruits. – can be for Breakfast, AT or MT

Add fresh fruit platter to these packages for $4.50pp

Individual Morning & Afternoon Tea Items

  • Fresh home baked selection of muffins - savoury OR sweet - $4.00 (per muffin)
  • Selection of mini home made free range quiches - $3.00
  • Selection of gourmet breads w dips - $3.50
  • Scones w fresh cream & berry jam - $4.50
  • Mini tartlets sweet OR savoury options available - $3.00
  • Homemade biscuit selection - $3.00 (2 per serve)
  • Fresh seasonal fruit platter - $4.80
  • Premium mince sausage rolls w tomato relish - $3.00 (2 pieces)
  • Mixed slices and cakes - $4.50 (2 pieces)
  • Selection of mini cup cakes - $3.00
  • Mini lamingtons - $3.00
  • Lemon meringue tartlets - $3.00
  • Rich chocolate brownie - $3.00
  • Croissants w ham and cheese Veg option available - $3.50
  • Mini frittatas w relish - $2.50
  • Selection of baked danishes - $3.00 (each)
  • Seasonal Fruit Skewers - $4.00


Sandwiches/wraps/rolls – Fillings may include ham, turkey, roast beef, silverside, salami, roasted vegetables, egg, tuna, pink salmon, smoked salmon (depending on choices)

Catering Packages

  • Mixed Sandwich Platter – selection of basic sandwiches - $7.50
  • Gourmet Sandwich Platter – selection of gourmet sandwich - $8.50
  • Mixed Wraps Platter – selection of wraps cut into 3 - $9.50
  • Mixed Breads Platter – including rolls, Turkish and wraps - $9.90
  • Ribbon sandwiches – crustless high tea sandwiches - $9.90
  • Gluten free/Dairy Free sandwiches or wraps - $3.00 per item

Lunch Combos Served on Platters

  • Mixed sandwiches and fruit platter - $11.50
  • Wraps platter and fruit - $13.00
  • Mixed breads and fruit platter - $13.00
  • Gourmet sandwich platter, rice paper rolls, fruit platter - $15.50
  • Mixed breads, fruit platter, cakes and slices - $17.00
  • Rice paper rolls, salad, fruit - $16.50
  • Mixed sandwiches and salad - $14.50
  • Mixed sandwiches, fruit & salad - $16.50
  • Gourmet sandwiches, fruit & hot Asian finger food selection (spring roll, dim sim, samosa) - $16.50
  • Gourmet sandwiches, fruit & sausage rolls - $15.00

Salads $9.90- Individual Serves

  • Roasted pumpkin + apple Salad with goats feta, white balsamic dressing
  • Roasted beetroot salad w broccoli, quinoa, coriander and ginger dressing
  • Classic Nicoise Salad - egg, rocket, potatoes, tomato, capers, anchovies, olives, olive oil dressing
  • Classic Caesar - egg, cos, parmesan, bacon, anchovies, croutons, creamy Caesar dressing
  • Mediterranean rice salad - capsicum, red onion, coriander, sundried tomatoes, olives, spinach and brown rice w spicy dressing
  • Sweet potato, rocket, capsicum, cucumber, green beans, creamy ranch dressing
  • Avocado, mesculin, cucumber, green beans, red onion, balsamic mustard
  • Roasted mixed veggies with rocket, balsamic reduction
  • Green beans, 3 bean mix, spinach, lemon rind, vinegar dressing
  • Spiced chickpea, spinach, broccoli & parsley
  • Classic cous cous with chargrilled veg, lemon and balsamic reduction
  • Ancient grain – Quinoa, pepitas, purple onion, coriander, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, cranberries
  • Thai style noodle salad
  • Roasted eggplant, mesculin, cucumber, tomato, purple onion, hommus dressing
  • Vietnamese salad w coriander, bean shoots, carrot, mint, wombok, crispy noodles and palm sugar soy dressing
  • Spinach, pumpkin, feta, purple onion, dark balsamic dressing
  • Veggie patch salad – zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, onion

Classic Salad

  • Creamy potato Salad/Classic Coleslaw/Garden/Greek
  • Rocket, parmesan salad
  • Fresh green salad w tomato, purple onion, cucumber
  • Basil pesto pasta salad
  • Caprese Salad – tomato, basil, bocconcini, spinach w balsamic

Meat/Protein Options $3.00

Ham, roast beef, Asian beef strips, Moroccan chicken or beef, marinated honey soy chicken, poached chicken, haloumi, tofu, tempeh, bacon, turkey, corned beef, tuna, pulled pork w hoisin, BBQ pork, BBQ chicken


Catering Platters


  • Antipasto Platter - (Small - $40.00, Medium - $69.00, Large - $89.00)
  • Raw Vegetables and Dip Platter - (Small - $25.00, Medium - $35.00, Large - $45.00)
  • Sushi - (Small- $35.00(20pcs), Medium - $45.00(30pcs), Large - $65.00(50pcs)
  • Rice paper rolls - (Small - $30.00(10pcs), Medium - $45.00(18pcs), Large - $65.00(30pcs)
  • Cheese Platter - (Small - $30.00, Medium - $45.00, Large - $65.00)
  • Cheese and Fruit Platter - (Small - $35.00, Medium - $54.00, Large - $78.00)

Small - 2-4 people
Medium - 4-6 people
Large - 8-10 people

Lunch Boxes

Lunch Box 1 - $13.50

1 whole sandwich, piece of whole fruit, mini muffin, juice or water

Lunch Box 2 - $14.50

1 whole wrap, piece of whole fruit, mini muffin, juice or water

Lunch Box 3 - $16.50

1 whole sandwich, 1 salad, piece of fresh fruit, muffin, muesli bar, juice or water

Protein Boxes $12.50

Smoked Salmon, Falafel, Char Grilled Veg, Tuna with a salad of spinach, carrot, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, egg with olive oil and lemon dressing

Hot Meals served with Salad

  • Chicken & Salad Package – Chicken pieces (Asian, BBQ, Tandoori, Moroccan, Honey Soy, Satay, Cajun) and your choice of salad - $14.50
  • Lamb & Salad Package – Marinated lamb strips with salad of your choice - $15.50
  • Haloumi & Salad Package – Grilled haloumi with salad of your choice - $15.50
  • Lamb, Haloumi & Salad Package – Marinated lamb and grilled haloumi with salad of your choice - $16.50
  • Chicken Parmagiana (topped w tomato and cheese) with your choice of salad - $14.50
  • Crispy Skinned Salmon fillet w salad of your choice - $16.50
  • Chilli Con Carne served with black bean salad and corn chips - $15.50
  • Marinated beef skewers with capsicum and onion served with Thai noodle salad - $14.50
  • Marinated Chicken Skewers (honey soy, satay, chilli, sweet chilli & coriander) with your choice of favourite salad 2 large skewers per person - $14.50
  • Marinated Beef Strips with mushrooms and capsicum served on rice - $14.50

Cold Meals served with Salad $13.50

  • Chicken and Salad Package – Chicken pieces (Asian, BBQ, Tandoori,Moroccan, Honey Soy, Satay) and your choice of salad
  • Free range Frittata or quiche (meat or veg) with salad of your choice
  • Salmon, dill & potato fishcakes with fresh cucumber salad
  • Garlic, lemon chicken strips served with salad & lemon yoghurt
  • Marinated beef strips on a bed of salad topped with honey mustard dressing
  • Lime & chilli prawns with vermicelli noodles and citrus dressing
  • Savoury Tarts
    • Italian ham & cheese,
    • Goats cheese & caramelised onion
    • Thyme & leek
    • Tomato, cheese & prosciutto
    • Salmon & asparagus
    • Bacon, cheese & tomato,
    • Chargrilled vegetable & olive

Platters per person $15.50

  • Antipasto platter (cured meats, olives, pickles, semidried tomatoes, fresh crusty loaf) with your choice of salad
  • Vietnamese platter – rice paper rolls, chilli chicken strips, crispy noodle salad
  • Japanese Platter – Sushi, soba noodle salad, tempura vegetables
  • Ploughmans Platter – Cheddar Cheese, camembert, gherkins, pickled onions, crusty loaf, salami, leg ham, bush tomato relish

Build your own options $15.50

  • Burger Stand – Choose from Beef, Mexican beef, Chicken, Lamb with Fresh Roll and sides
  • Mexican Stand – Corn chips, Burritos, Mexican beef mix and sides
  • Middle Eastern Stand – Lamb koftas or moroccan chicken, Baba Ganoush, Cauliflower & Chickpea Salad, Crispy Pita
  • Italian Stand – Fresh pasta of the day, garlic bread and Italian Salad
  • Greek Stand – Grilled lamb w lemon and garlic, Greek salad, flat bread & Tzatziki

Home Made Favourites $13.50 – 650ml serve per person MIN 10 

  • Creamy chicken pesto pasta
  • Tomato and basil sauce with ravioli and sambal olek
  • Mexican beef or chicken burritos served with salsa and sour cream
  • Thai green chicken curry w Rice
  • Thai red chicken curry w rice
  • Russian style beef stroganoff w Rice
  • Spaghetti Bolognese with fresh basil and tomato sauce
  • Fettuccine carbonara with bacon, cream, mushrooms and garlic
  • Homemade beef Lasagne
  • Homemade vegetarian Lasagne
  • Penne matriciana – tomato, basil, bacon and chilli
  • Butter chicken w rice
  • Lamb Rogan Josh w rice and pappadoms
  • Beef & Burgundy casserole
  • Chicken and hokkien noodle stirfry
  • Beef & vegetable stirfry
  • Vegetable and hokkien noodle stirfry
  • Sweet & sour pork w fried rice
  • Slow cooked beef cheeks in red wine & sage w farfalle (bowtie) pasta
  • Macaroni cheese
  • Moroccan lamb stew w potatoes
  • Chicken and vegetable casserole
  • Massaman meatball curry w rice
  • Pumpkin and lentil curry w rice

Soup Options 300ml per person w mini roll $9.90 - MIN 10 

  • Broccoli, cheddar & bacon
  • Honeyed pumpkin & caraway seed
  • Sweet potato, cumin and turmeric
  • Minestrone w pasta and beans (can be pasta free)
  • Chicken and sweet corn chowder
  • Chunky vegetable soup
  • Rustic pea & ham
  • 4 beans & vegetable w corn chips
  • French Onion w cheesy croute
  • Potato and cauliflower w cayenne pepper
  • Chinese wonton soup
  • Cream of mushroom soup

Pizzas $10.50

3 slices per person

Selection of meat & vegetarian pizzas – gourmet and plain

Selection of Snack Foods $10.50 (4pcs)

Served with dipping sauces where required

  • Samosas
  • Southern chicken bites
  • Potato wedges
  • Dim sums
  • Cocktail sausage wrapped in bacon
  • Homemade sausage rolls
  • Mini pizza squares
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Spring rolls

Slider Selection $14.50pp 3 pieces per person

Moroccan chicken, beef, Mexican beef, thai chicken, lamb rogan josh, lamb, tandoori chicken, spicy pork, vegetarian

Side Salads to add to meals $6.00 - 100g only

Canapes and Dinner

We can provide canapes, light meals or dinner to your office – either drop off service or full staff service with all equipment required. We can cater to your office 7 days per week and after hours if required (surcharges do apply)


Catering Canapes

  • Office Drinks- Free range mini quiches, sushi rolls, mini pizza bites - $12.00
  • A02- Spicy meatballs, sausage rolls, spinach filos, mini savoury tarts - $14.00
  • AO3- Mini beef and Guinness pies, vegetarian rice paper rolls, Moroccan chicken skewers w minted yoghurt, devils on horseback, frittata bites w relish - $17.00
  • Manager - Proscuitto wrapped watermelon, coriander and lime fishcakes, haloumi bites w fresh lemon, cucumber rounds w cream cheese & smoked salmon, mini beef sliders, avocado salsa tartlets - $19.50
  • CEO - Smoked salmon on croute w lemon creme & dill, Pork dumplings w spicy sauce, handmade arancini, crispy duck spring rolls w Asian dipping sauce, mini Moroccan chicken sliders, chilli con carne wraps w sour cream, choice of cold or hot noodle box - $26.50


  • Selection of free range mini quiches - vegetarian or meat - $3.00
  • Prosciutto wrapped bocconcini w fresh basil - $3.00
  • Chicken or Vegetarian Vietnamese rice paper rolls w dipping sauce - $3.00
  • Pork & veal dumplings with dark soy - $3.00
  • Coriander and lime fishcakes with cucumber dipping sauce - $3.00
  • Devils on horseback - $2.50
  • Pan fried haloumi served w lemon juice & cracked black pepper - $3.00
  • Premium mince sausage rolls w tomato relish - $3.00
  • Selection of sushi rolls - $3.00
  • Free Range seasonal vegetarian frittata w home made relish - $2.50
  • Home made meat pies; beef and Guinness or chicken & leek - $3.00
  • Chargrilled veg skewers w hummus or balsamic reduction - $2.80
  • Hummus, olive and blistered cherry tomatoes tartlets - $3.00
  • Avocado salsa tartlets w fresh coriander and lemon - $3.00
  • Cucumber rounds with dill cream cheese and smoked salmon - $3.00
  • Homemade pizza slices - $3.00


  • Smoked salmon on croute w lemon zest creme fraiche & dill - $3.00 
  • Handmade Arancini - Mushroom, Pumpkin & sage, Mozzarella - $3.00
  • Crispy duck spring rolls w Asian dipping sauce - $3.00
  • Pulled pork on croute w apple slaw - $3.00
  • Lamb Koftas with homemade tomato sauce - $3.00
  • Rare peppered beef on croute with horseradish cream & rocket - $3.00
  • Peking duck cones with hoisin, cucumber and shallots - $3.00
  • Antipasto skewers - $3.00

Bigger Bites

  • Mini Nachos w salsa and sour cream - Veg/meat  - $5.50
  • Mini Mexican beef burritos w guacamole - $5.50
  • Mini American style hot dogs with caramelised red onion relish - $5.50
  • Mini Sliders - Morrocan chicken, tandoori lamb, Thai chicken, beef - $5.50

Sweet Canapes

  • Selection of slices and cakes - $3.00
  • Selection of mini sweet tartlets - $3.00
  • Rich chocolate brownies - $3.00
  • Selection of mini cupcakes - $3.00
  • Mini panacotta - $3.50
  • Mini flavoured mousse - $3.50
  • Mini Banoffe Pies - $3.50

Cold Noodle boxes w canape package $5.50

  • Glass noodles w Thai style chicken or BBQ Pork
  • Char grilled Mediterranean vegetables servedw cous cous & balsamic reduction
  • Roasted Pumpkin, feta & baby spinach salad
  • Chicken Caesar salad with creamy dressing
  • Basil pesto pasta salad w rocket

Hot Noodle boxes w canape package $6.50

  • Butter Chicken with Basmati rice
  • Thai Style Green chicken curry with Jasmine rice
  • Russian Style beef stroganoff
  • Tomato, basil & chilli rigatoni
  • Chicken and cashew stirfry on rice
  • Basil pesto pasta with chicken


Picnic Hampers

For more information contact Maryanne on 0402 580 681 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ideal for corporate client gifts or staff presents our hampers are a unique gift option or lovely catering option

Choose from:

Breakfast, Ploughmans, Lovers, Detox, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

Prices are for 2 people – for larger picnics please contact us for pricing.

  • Breakfast Hamper - $90.00
  • Ploughmans Hamper - $110.00
  • Gluten Free Hamper - $100.00
  • Lovers Hamper - $120.00
  • Vegetarian Hamper - $100.00
  • Detox Hamper - $100.00

Hampers come with cutlery, napkins, and a mat to sit on all in a picnic basket (to be collected) ready to go. NB: hampers can be put in containers on ice for travel. Delivery charges apply to city and outer areas.

Drinks and Catering Extras


  • orange, apple, pineapple, orange and mango - 2L - $7.90
  • cranberry, tomato, blackcurrent, V range - 2L - $8.90

Coconut Water

  • 1L - $10.00 350ml - $5.00

Sparkling Water (San Pellegrino)

  • 750ml - $4.50 250ml - $3.00

Kombucha (Various Flavors)

  • 330ml - $5.50

Soft Drink

  • 1.25ml - $5.00

Soft Drink Can

  • 375ml - $3.00

Staffing for functions

  • $35 per hour
  • Hire of Equipment – Tables, chairs, linen, platters, warming dishes, plates, cutlery, urn, tea & coffee stations, glassware – POA
  • Theming – we can theme your event for special occasions – POA
  • Disposable bio degradable cutlery and napkin set - $1.00 each
  • After 4pm delivery fee - $25.00
  • Saturday Surcharge – $50.00 for order less than $300.00 - $25.00 over $300 – over $500 no surcharge will apply

We Care

We really care about the environment and are very proud of the way we chose to do business. By choosing quality, fresh foods and being mindful of the way we produce and package our food we have significantly reduced our environmental impact.

Check our our Green Policy

Gift Cards

Did you know we have gift cards available for both catering and hampers? What a great way to show you care about that special someone in your life.

Gift cards are also a great idea for new mums, letting them spend a little more time with the family and less in the kitchen.

Contact us for more information

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