The pizza industry needs to rethink its packaging options amid claims that recycled pizza boxes contain harmful chemicals that can be transferred to the food inside, pizza franchise Pizza Capers has announced.

Pizza Capers is currently the only major pizza brand that lines its boxes with non-recycled cardboard after hearing evidence that recycled materials sometimes contain chemicals like toxic inks, glues and dyes which could be transferred to the pizza. Pizza Capers does, however, use recycled materials for all parts of the boxes that don't come in contact with the pizza.

The presence of chemicals in recycled cardboard and its impact on hot food was studied by a team of scientists at the University of Milan, and it found diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) to be a possible contaminant in recycled cellulose used for take-away pizza boxes.

While many pizza companies use recycled cardboard to cut costs, Pizza Capers' first priority is the quality and safety of its offering.

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